Demystifying the SAP PMW, Amber video

We've really got some great information to share with you while we hang out at Financials2016. Amber's created a short video, view below, to give you some background information on her session. Plan on attending "Demystifying the SAP payment medium workbench" on Wednesday, March 16 at 4:45 p.m. Amber will also be at the Trufa [...]

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Did you know about DPO?

Companies must strike a delicate balance with DPO. The longer they take to pay their creditors, the more money the company has on hand, which is good for working capital and free cash flow. But if the company takes too long to pay its creditors, the creditors will be unhappy. They may refuse to extend [...]

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Payment choices and the unseen effects on working capital

Have you considered that the type of payment you receive, and the subsequent supporting process, could either increase or decrease the speed of cash application as part of your DSO? How is this possible? Historically, checks were used so companies could increase their float by several days due to mail processing. Checks are continued to [...]

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March 2016 treasury webinars

Does your treasury require major surgery? Wednesday, March 2,  2016 | 10:00 EST, 45 minutes Most treasuries aren't impacted by the U.S. Affordable Care Act (Obama Care), which was the primary driver for this programme, but can all learn from the treasury transformation experiences presented in this webinar. They include solutions delivering process improvements ranging [...]

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Predictive analytics for working capital 101

Working capital is a hot topic among corporates, as companies seek to unlock billions of dollars of capital. Early working capital initiative typically include three common practices:   Shortening customer terms, or collecting overdue payments faster. Lengthening vendor terms to delay payments. Reductions in inventory to match declining sales. Initiating these types of changes often [...]

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