TATC Ep 13- May the CashForce Be With You, with Nicolas Christiaen

Episode Summary On today’s episode of Thriving at the Crossroads, I introduce Nicolas Christiaen, one of the co-founders of CashForce. CashForce is a software that provides cash flow management and forecasting insights, typically for businesses generating between $100 million and about $10 billion in revenues. We talk about the importance of working capital, how CashForce actually [...]

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Analyze to Optimize

On page 74 in the October issue of AFP Exchange (page 76 in the online version) you will find Amber Christian's article that addresses 3 key challenges to working capital optimization. The key takeaways: Working capital optimization affects many business processes; it cannot thrive in a silo. Cross-functional teams provide a governance structure for your [...]

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Could a mashup have predicted the Hanjin collapse for procurement?

Over the last few weeks, we have been reading about the collapse of Hanjin Shipping Company. When the 7th largest shipping company in the world declares bankruptcy, many take notice. Hanjin is part of a chaebol in South Korea that also owns Korean Airlines. We read headlines about ships stranded in ports with goods essentially [...]

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#ASUGSpeakers – Amber Christian | Ace, LLC

Don't forget to jump in to one (or all!) of Amber's #ASUGSpeaker sessions: FIN - SID# 4800-Data & Analytics for the Treasurer: Change the game in Working Capital Management Wednesday, May 18 , 11-noon in S320B With Bob Leonard, Gauthier Vasseur and Amber Christian Panel Discussion: The data revolution is impacting treasurers. What opportunities can [...]

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Predicitive Analytics 101 and the Windy City Summit

Did you miss Amber's highly informative post on: predictive anlaytics 101 for working capital optimization? Well, please click here to be in the know!  If you would like to hear more about this topic that can take the Magic 8 Ball from off your desktop, you should meet up with Amber and Trufa (booth # [...]

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Working Captial discussion panel – #ASUGSpeakers

So, I hear you plan to attend #ASUG2016 SAPPHIRENOW annual conference in Orlando. Then make time for this panel discussion on Wednesday, May 18 , 11-noon in S320B. We asked +Gauthier Vasseur, who is presenting with +Bob Leonard and +Amber Christian, to give us a preview of this discussion panel. Take a peek at what [...]

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3 reasons to attend this Working Capital discussion

If you plan to attend #ASUG2016 SAPPHIRENOW annual conference in Orlando then make time for this panel discussion on Wednesday, May 18 , 11-noon in S320B. We asked +Bob Leonard, who is presenting with +Gauthier Vasseur and +Amber Christian, to give us a preview of this discussion panel: Why is this session topic exciting to [...]

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DYK: DPO, Days Payable Outstanding

Days payable outstanding (DPO) is an efficiency ratio that measures the average number of days a company takes to pay its suppliers. DPO is typically measured either quarterly or yearly; and can vary significantly from year to year, company to company and industry to industry based on how well or how poorly the company, the [...]

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DYK: DIO, Days Inventory Outstanding

Days Inventory Outstanding (DIO) is a financial ratio for any company that has inventory. It shows how quickly the company, management, can turn inventories into cash or sales. Generally speaking, a decrease in DIO is an improvement to working capital. That is because this number indicates how long a company’s cash is tied up in [...]

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