Per Angusta solves the procurement innovation puzzle- Interview with Pierre Lapree

Welcome to Thriving at the Crossroads Episode 11.   On today’s episode I am pleased to welcome Pierre Lapree from Per Angusta.  Per Angusta is a procurement start-up based in Lyon, France.  This is the first start-up from France I’ve had the opportunity to interview.  Pierre, tell me about the business problem Per Angusta [...]

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The rain for your content drought

by Amber Christian - full story found here ... I had no idea various journal editors would be watching my geeky little blog posts. And one-by-one they started contacting me, asking me to write for their journals or to guest blog for them. Me? Seriously? It was that fledgling step I took writing those first posts that gave [...]

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TATC Ep 2- Apruve A New Credit Management Process for B2B Ecommerce

On today's episode of Thriving at the Crossroads, I introduce Michael Noble, CEO of Apruve. He'll introduce us to a new concept- credit management as a service. We'll discuss easier and better credit management for B2B eCommerce. More details on Apruve can be found here: In the second segment of the show- I will [...]

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Thriving at the Crossroads- an Introduction

Welcome to Episode 000.  Listen to this episode to hear about the podcast and how interviews will marry the start-up world of technology with the enterprise world. Listen to our latest episode of Thriving at the Crossroads We are currently available on the iTunes store. Subscribe to our podcast feed to hear when the latest [...]

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How much do you innovate?

Something’s missing. It’s been a disquieting feeling I have had for the last several months. I took a couple months off between projects to reflect, write and re-energize. And during the quieter summer period, I began to become a little uneasy. I love my day-to-day consulting work and plan to grow that business. I’ve continued [...]

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