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HumanCurrent – The Complexity Podcast Episode 83 - Relationship Building & System Innovation In this episode, Angie talks with entrepreneur, public speaker, and systems thinker Amber Christian. Christian discusses how to build strong business relationships through personalization, technology, journey mapping, and transparent processes. She also shares how to use systems thinking to understand whole processes, [...]

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TATC Ep 20 – Quality Inspections And Quality Control with Inspectorio

Episode Summary On this episode of Thriving at the Crossroads, we have Fernando Moncayo from Inspectorio. We talk all about how their business helps to make quality inspections more transparent and traceable. He shares how manual the industry is right now and how Inspectorio uses technology to eliminate a lot of problems in the inspections industry. Listen to the episode here: [...]

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How I’ll help you innovate in 2017

“Technology is an agent of empowerment, not an antagonistic nuisance that must be adopted just because everyone else is doing it, with no real merit of itself.” Simona Pop, InstaSupply: In Business Relationships, It’s All About H2H (Human to Human) As a pragmatic learner, Simona’s comments resonate with me.  I’ve never been someone [...]

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Thriving at the Crossroads- an Introduction

Welcome to Episode 000.  Listen to this episode to hear about the podcast and how interviews will marry the start-up world of technology with the enterprise world. Listen to our latest episode of Thriving at the Crossroads We are currently available on the iTunes store. Subscribe to our podcast feed to hear when the latest [...]

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