Per Angusta solves the procurement innovation puzzle- Interview with Pierre Lapree

Welcome to Thriving at the Crossroads Episode 11.   On today’s episode I am pleased to welcome Pierre Lapree from Per Angusta.  Per Angusta is a procurement start-up based in Lyon, France.  This is the first start-up from France I’ve had the opportunity to interview.  Pierre, tell me about the business problem Per Angusta [...]

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How I’ll help you innovate in 2017

“Technology is an agent of empowerment, not an antagonistic nuisance that must be adopted just because everyone else is doing it, with no real merit of itself.” Simona Pop, InstaSupply: In Business Relationships, It’s All About H2H (Human to Human) As a pragmatic learner, Simona’s comments resonate with me.  I’ve never been someone [...]

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How much do you innovate?

Something’s missing. It’s been a disquieting feeling I have had for the last several months. I took a couple months off between projects to reflect, write and re-energize. And during the quieter summer period, I began to become a little uneasy. I love my day-to-day consulting work and plan to grow that business. I’ve continued [...]

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What do SAP Super Users and your lawn have in common?

Guest Blog - Ginger Luttrell, founder SAPinsight You have a yard with grass, flowers, bushes and trees but you decide you don’t want to spend the money on a sprinkler system and plan to water it yourself. You start off with your watering and feeding routine and all is well and beautiful. But, then you [...]

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How to configure your SAP system for Same Day ACH

Same Day ACH will reach its first US implementation milestone on September 23, 2016. All receiving institutions will be required to receive Same Day ACH.  Are you ready to receive or send same day ACH? Or are you asking 'How can I configure my SAP system to take advantage of Same Day ACH?' In this [...]

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September 2016 webinars

September 2016 webinars with treasury, finance, supply chain, analytics and Blockchain topics along with a whole lot of industry acronyms: ERP, SAP, ROI, FSCM Solution, EHP 7/8... see a few continuing education opportunities below. One channel, one format, one security module and one security policy Wednesday, September 7, 2016 | 9 a.m. (CT) (Adam Smith [...]

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Interview with Scott Ferrante, President of ConVista

Scott Ferrante President ConVista Consulting Corporation You are the President of ConVista Consulting’s North American operations, on the company’s Global Board and are Co-Chairman of ComnServ, a joint venture between ConVista Consulting and fellow SAP partner Compiricus AG. Tell us about the synergy between these positions and how they work together to create a [...]

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August 2016 treasury webinars

A selection of treasury webinars available in August 2016: What Every Customer Should Know: Essential Tips on SAP Incident Processing Thursday, August 4, 2016 | 11 a.m. CT Hosted by ASUG   Learn information on the Incident Handling core processes that SAP support engineers follow from initial processing, troubleshooting, to solution. Learning about how the [...]

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Know Your SAP UX Options

Guest Blog by Paul Modderman, Clear Software   Today I took my daughter to school. It was easy: I just climbed into the cockpit of my Boeing 747, ran through all the pre-flight checks, put in 48,000 gallons of fuel, got clearance from local air traffic control and pushed the throttle to maximum for takeoff. [...]

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July 2016 Webinar options

T2S: Leveraging Technology to Integrate Cash and Securities Management and Maximize Liquidity Savings Wednesday, July 6, 2016 | 8 a.m. (CT) Presented by TAS Group and hosted by bobsguide In addition to the intended benefits provided by T2S, a forward-looking approach to implementing T2S within the systems infrastructure of Financial Institutions can bring additional benefits [...]

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