I Challenge You

Each year, we gather at Sapphire & ASUG Annual Conference. It’s a conference of over 20,000 people descending upon, this year, Orlando. I’ve spent the last few days plotting and planning what I will attend and mentally gearing up for the event. This year, I’m focusing on a lot of user experience and design thinking [...]

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TATC Ep 18 – What’s in your tealbook? with Stephany Lapierre

Episode Summary On this episode of Thriving at the Crossroads, we have Stephany Lapierre from tealbook as our guest. We talk all about procurement, data and supplier intelligence today. She goes in depth about how tealbook helps business with their supplier data and how the network effect is so powerful. Listen to the episode here: TATC Ep 18 [...]

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Per Angusta solves the procurement innovation puzzle- Interview with Pierre Lapree

Welcome to Thriving at the Crossroads Episode 11.   On today’s episode I am pleased to welcome Pierre Lapree from Per Angusta.  Per Angusta is a procurement start-up based in Lyon, France.  This is the first start-up from France I’ve had the opportunity to interview.  Pierre, tell me about the business problem Per Angusta [...]

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How will you start driving Strategic Value?

Think about the value as a procurement professional, if you were to expand what you asked could you be a stronger partner? We commonly ask the who’s buying, what are you trying to buy, and when do you need it by?  What if you were brave enough to ask how and why more often?  As [...]

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How to Increase Your Value to the CFO by Focusing on Cash Management

The CFO is often the most senior determinant of the strategic role that procurement gets to enjoy within an organization, and the ultimate arbiter of “procurement driven value.” In my experience, this is a key factor in the ongoing challenge of defining what procurement value really is. Our perception is that the CFO cares about [...]

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TATC Ep3- Vroozi Your Way To Mobile Purchasing

On today's episode of Thriving at the Crossroads, I introduce Shaz Khan, Chief Strategy Officer of Vroozi. Vroozi allows for 100% mobile procurement, and provides greater visibility to spend and compliance. More details on Vroozi can be found here: https://www.vroozi.com/ In the second segment of the show- I will review Katie McCrory's article "What Richard Branson [...]

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Could a mashup have predicted the Hanjin collapse for procurement?

Over the last few weeks, we have been reading about the collapse of Hanjin Shipping Company. When the 7th largest shipping company in the world declares bankruptcy, many take notice. Hanjin is part of a chaebol in South Korea that also owns Korean Airlines. We read headlines about ships stranded in ports with goods essentially [...]

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No budget for training, no problem. Viva La Procurement Revolution!

It's just the way things are.  Don't fight City hall.  Let sleeping dogs lie.  Don't make waves. Many of us are told to simply keep our heads down.  We are told maintain the status quo, no matter how antiquated it is, or how much it may frustrate us, or [...]

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Art of Procurement

I recently had the opportunity to be a guest on Philip Ideson’s Art of Procurement podcast. This was a fantastic opportunity to bring the treasury conversation to the procurement world. We talk about challenges facing both treasury and procurement organizations, and how these groups can work together better. Conversations about transformation are everywhere today. The [...]

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