How to speed-up your slow-running reports

Guest tip-master: Hau Ngo | Summerlin Analytics  Your once lightening-fast reports have begun to show their age. What was once a delightful experience of pressing a button and gleaming insight from your data is now an excuse to take step away from your desk to get some coffee. If you are lucky, the report will [...]

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Amber’s podcast; how to navigate leading technologies, SAP

Click here for Amber's podcast with Hau Ngo We talk about: How to plug into SAP ecosystem and stay up-to-date on their products and roadmaps Amber gives us a peak into the different levels of the America’s SAP User’s group, including a relatively unknown membership where you can beta-test new features and influence the direction of [...]

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Interview with Hau Ngo, Summerlin Analytics

Hau Ngo Business Intelligence Architect Summerlin Analytics   You have an extensive resume of success in helping corporate teams with their business processes. I appreciate the range of project delivery options you provide to your clients. So, if you could, tell us about the products Summerlin Analytics is releasing. Of course! The SAP BW [...]

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