The rain for your content drought

by Amber Christian - full story found here ... I had no idea various journal editors would be watching my geeky little blog posts. And one-by-one they started contacting me, asking me to write for their journals or to guest blog for them. Me? Seriously? It was that fledgling step I took writing those first posts that gave [...]

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Analyze to Optimize

On page 74 in the October issue of AFP Exchange (page 76 in the online version) you will find Amber Christian's article that addresses 3 key challenges to working capital optimization. The key takeaways: Working capital optimization affects many business processes; it cannot thrive in a silo. Cross-functional teams provide a governance structure for your [...]

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How to Increase Your Value to the CFO by Focusing on Cash Management

The CFO is often the most senior determinant of the strategic role that procurement gets to enjoy within an organization, and the ultimate arbiter of “procurement driven value.” In my experience, this is a key factor in the ongoing challenge of defining what procurement value really is. Our perception is that the CFO cares about [...]

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Abe Lincoln, hostage negotiations and blockchain

It was another fantastic year at AFP’s annual conference in Orlando, Florida! Every day passed in a blur as we attended sessions, networked our little hearts out and tried to take maximum advantage of everything this excellent conference has to offer. This year, AFP expanded the conversation with a number of new additions to meet [...]

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Thriving at the Crossroads- an Introduction

Welcome to Episode 000.  Listen to this episode to hear about the podcast and how interviews will marry the start-up world of technology with the enterprise world. Listen to our latest episode of Thriving at the Crossroads We are currently available on the iTunes store. Subscribe to our podcast feed to hear when the latest [...]

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How much do you innovate?

Something’s missing. It’s been a disquieting feeling I have had for the last several months. I took a couple months off between projects to reflect, write and re-energize. And during the quieter summer period, I began to become a little uneasy. I love my day-to-day consulting work and plan to grow that business. I’ve continued [...]

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Headlining GTNews – What’s in your financial supply chain?

Finance has been given an opportunity to reconquer its supply chain. So what are we waiting for? Click here to see how descriptive analytics is an essential business tool that answers many basic questions and how predictive analytics builds from historical data to propose what might happen in the future, using statistics and algorithms.

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Treasury Optimization Webinar Series

Predictive analytics for Treasury, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable leads your team to fact-based opportunities, a potential for savings and the increased likelihood to accomplish goals. Attend ASUG's 3-part webinar series with Amber Christian, Founder | Ace LLC and Gauthier Vasseur, Stanford data instructor and Vice President Marketing | Trufa to find out what predictive [...]

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June webinar opportunities

Take a peek at these upcoming webinars in June 2016, included are a few series for your continuing education enjoyment:   Integrated Receivables for Corporations: Building the Case for Investment Tuesday, June 7, 2016 | 10:00 a.m. (CST) Corporations and financial institutions of all sizes have improved efficiency, maximized revenues, and strengthened customer relationships through [...]

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