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Recovery and Support Services

Most implementations go live with at least a few items that didn’t work perfectly. Despite best efforts by all parties, sometimes there are surprises after go live. Problems or challenges may not even appear until months later, long after project services are completed. It is also common to find that functionality is truly best understood only after go live, resulting in new unexpected design changes.

What happens at this point? Internal staff have moved on to other projects and may not have the capacity to spend significant amounts of time investigating, determining root causes, and correcting problems. In other cases, fragmented or fragile designs begin appearing after several rollouts, as the organization struggles to sustain forward momentum or support the existing designs.

ConsultAce has ad-hoc consulting packages to aid organizations that need help diagnosing problems and finding root causes, as well as resolving problems but need to do them within fixed operating budgets. We offer bundled packages of consulting hours that can be used in a variety of ways. Utilize these services to:

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