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Bank Master Implementation Services

Clean master data is a key organizational building block for reporting. How well is your bank master data maintained? Many companies initially go live with their SAP systems and simply force the data into the system. Over time with additional country roll-outs, bank master data can become messy and convoluted as this same strategy is pursued project after project. Data is not revisited or cleansed, resulting in unintelligible master data and challenges automating bank payment interfaces. More importantly, it slows down operational processes for setting up master data when onboarding new customers and vendors as confusion about the “right” master data reigns.

There are two different third parties that provide subscriptions for bank master data that can be used to keep your bank master up to date and prevent these problems. Using third party data results in higher data quality in your bank master, as well as the ability to keep up to date over time.  

Our ConsultAce bank master implementation services can help your organization successfully implement either of these third party data services. Our team will help your organization with all aspects of a bank master data implementation, including: 

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