Finance Ladies’ Night Out

Welcome to Finance Ladies’ Night Out, where women in Finance and those in IT supporting Finance come together to learn, network and socialize. It is a complimentary evening, free of marketing, and full of conversation and education. When you have important questions, or need advice on how to approach tough problems – who can you call? Our group seeks to help women expand their networks, learn about relevant topics and share their experiences with each other.

Our latest event was held in Minneapolis this past October. The next event is planned in Minneapolis on May 11. Our Dallas event is trending toward a Q4 date. Sign up below to be added to the invitation for future events. If you are in a city other than Minneapolis, let us know as we plan to add additional cities in the future.

If you, or your company, is interested in being a title sponsor for this event we are also taking applications for that opportunity… Will you be the one credited for opening a door when you didn’t even know that the door existed?

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