Interview with Kim Lott, KML Management

You used to be a certified treasury professional (CTP), you were accredited ACH professional (AAP) and now you are about to be a certified meeting professional (CMP)...  you've worked in treasury before, and you branched out to create your own company - which, seemingly, is so different from what you did prior. Tell us why [...]

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Charity talk with John D. Scott, Elire

You work for Elire, a company with a mission to "...deliver success by efficiently implementing, integrating and upgrading your software investments in the following practices: Strategic Corporate Finance, Human Capital Management, Advanced Technology and Business Intelligence." Yet, I hear that it also places a high priority on non-profit support. Tell us about the charity project(s) [...]

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Ace in your Inbox interview with Steve Sprague | Invoiceware International

You are the VP of Product Strategy for Invoiceware International, a Sovos company - a company immersed in eInvoicing & fiscal reporting across Latin America. It must be quite the complex role to reduce the risk and cost of maintaining compliance across the region some of the world’s largest companies. How do you keep up [...]

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How to speed-up your slow-running reports

Guest tip-master: Hau Ngo | Summerlin Analytics  Your once lightening-fast reports have begun to show their age. What was once a delightful experience of pressing a button and gleaming insight from your data is now an excuse to take step away from your desk to get some coffee. If you are lucky, the report will [...]

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