Can Organizational Change Ever Be Easy? A Design Thinking Perspective

I am looking forward to, once again, being a speaker at a SAP Financials Conference to lead the session Can Organizational Change Ever Be Easy? A Design Thinking Perspective? In my hands-on workshop, we want to use design thinking methods to jointly identify some of the key challenges financial organizations are facing in this context as well [...]

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Is There a Troll Under Your Bridge?

"What on earth have I done?” Exactly my thought after hanging up the phone in the summer of 2017. I had just agreed to be the keynote speaker at the Mastering SAP Financials conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. I’d been to five continents, but not Africa. I’d implemented SAP solutions in over 55 countries, but [...]

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Does a Leopard Need to Change its Spots?

This week, I am working on finalizing my Intricacies of Payment Automation - Deep Dive Session for the Mastering SAP Financials Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, November 13th - 15th. I know, yawn, right? Who could make payments interesting? I’m currently at around 45 countries where I have implemented payments and have been muddling through [...]

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SAPinsight Superuser Experience Event – SEE17!

Just around the corner is an awesome 3-Day SAPinsight event that I am excited to be a part of. It is the only of its kind, dedicated to Super Users and their Leaders. Come join us and find out why more and more companies are investing in their Super Users' educations and training. Irving Convention [...]

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Are You Suffering from Infobesity?

It feels like the tagline to a bad infomercial you watch while up late at night eating foods you don’t want to admit were in your cupboards. Earlier this month, I emceed the ASUG Fall Focus Supply Chain Conference in Chicago and asked the audience that question. Most recently, I’ve been chatting with my friend [...]

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Preventative Analytics (An Apple a Day)

The rise of big data. Over the last few years, I’ve been writing more and more about analytics. When I first started out in technology, the dot com crash was beginning. I had opted career-wise to go the corporate route. Early on during an ERP implementation, I remember coming across the concept of separating your [...]

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More Pudding Please

Over the last 8 months, I’ve been steadily throwing things out. Words cannot express the joy from simply having less “stuff.” The process started with moving into a new condo in downtown Minneapolis where there simply isn’t the space for so much stuff. But, something deeper was at work. I had a strong desire to [...]

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