Autism & Neurodiversity

At this year’s Annual SAPPHIRE and ASUG Annual Conference, SAP discussed their Diversity Inclusion Program and the “Benefits of Neurodiversity.” More specifically their award-winning Autism at Work Program. I’ve been following this program since I first heard of its launch in 2013.  I hadn’t heard much about it recently, so attended the session to hear [...]

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Is it time to Build?

Recently, I attended the Sapphire and ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida. In the past two years, I’ve been facilitating design thinking sessions at the conference. In the last year, I have been spending increasing amounts of time with designers. It has allowed me to spread my wings more and learn new approaches to solving [...]

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I Challenge You

Each year, we gather at Sapphire & ASUG Annual Conference. It’s a conference of over 20,000 people descending upon, this year, Orlando. I’ve spent the last few days plotting and planning what I will attend and mentally gearing up for the event. This year, I’m focusing on a lot of user experience and design thinking [...]

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Finding Inspiration and Motivation Within your own Network

I had an opportunity to be interviewed on the HumanCurrent Podcast. This is the second in my series of reflections on the podcast. You can find the first one here . You will find creativity and inspiration if you look for it. In a lot of cases, you actually don't have to look very far. Sometimes [...]

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SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 – ASUG Annual Conference

As I prep for the SAPPHIRE NOW - ASUG Annual Conference next month in Orlando, FL, all I can think after this cold and snowy spring in Minneapolis is thank goodness it is somewhere warm! June 5–7, 2018 I am co-presenting this year with Georg Fischer, Chief Product Manager, SAP SE in the Can Organizational Change Ever Be Easy? [...]

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Can Organizational Change Ever Be Easy? A Design Thinking Perspective

I am looking forward to, once again, being a speaker at a SAP Financials Conference to lead the session Can Organizational Change Ever Be Easy? A Design Thinking Perspective? In my hands-on workshop, we want to use design thinking methods to jointly identify some of the key challenges financial organizations are facing in this context as well [...]

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Is There a Troll Under Your Bridge?

"What on earth have I done?” Exactly my thought after hanging up the phone. I had just agreed to be the keynote speaker at the Mastering SAP Financials conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. I’d been to five continents, but not Africa. I’d implemented SAP solutions in over 55 countries, but this felt like a horse [...]

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Does a Leopard Need to Change its Spots?

This week, I am working on finalizing my Intricacies of Payment Automation - Deep Dive Session for an upcoming conference. I know, yawn, right? Who could make payments interesting? I’m currently at around 45 countries where I have implemented payments and have been muddling through the approach to use for the presentation. I admit it I’ve [...]

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