I Challenge You

Each year, we gather at Sapphire & ASUG Annual Conference. It’s a conference of over 20,000 people descending upon, this year, Orlando. I’ve spent the last few days plotting and planning what I will attend and mentally gearing up for the event. This year, I’m focusing on a lot of user experience and design thinking sessions.
Over the last few years, I’ve thought about how to deliver project features in increments as well as faster. Agile Methodologies is slowly replacing the classic SAP waterfall method in many companies. It’s not everywhere yet, nor am I proposing it fits in all scenarios. But reality for many companies is a need to do more with less and to move faster. At the same time, we cannot lose our focus on quality. Daily processes have become complicated for many of us.

Let’s face it – many of us need to upgrade our skills and embrace new ways of thinking. This constant backdrop of disruption and transformations demands new approaches and fresh perspectives. Over the last year, I have spent a lot of time with designers and others from creative backgrounds. As a result, I have watched firsthand how it informs and impacts my views and day to day approaches. It puts me in a far more creative place from which to approach problems that I experience.

When is the last time you have left your concrete silo and spent time with someone from another team or industry to see what their perspectives could offer to you? I challenge you to go have lunch with someone that fits that description this next month and get out of your silo. It’s a relatively low-cost and low-time investment. Besides, I know you want excuses to get out of your office on a beautiful summer day. Consider this a two-for-one package.
If you will be at Sapphire, Georg and I would love to have you attend our session. We will be facilitating another Design Thinking Session called “Can Organizational Change ever be Easy? A Design Thinking Perspective.” It’s a great way to try on what it feels like to take part in design thinking.
But what if you can’t be there this year? How can you start to experience design thinking methods? Have you ever looked at the Open SAP courses? They are free – yes, free and many them are available on demand! They are not only about SAP technology. Here are a few of the design thinking courses available there:
As you enter this summer season, I challenge you to take a step out of your silo. I challenge you to try on some new ways of thinking and innovative methods. You never know where this might lead!
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