Does a Leopard Need to Change its Spots?

This week, I am working on finalizing my Intricacies of Payment Automation – Deep Dive Session for an upcoming conference. I know, yawn, right? Who could make payments interesting? I’m currently at around 45 countries where I have implemented payments and have been muddling through the approach to use for the presentation. I admit it I’ve been muddling for months. I’ve had what I not so affectionately call Presenter’s Block. The dreaded scourge of preparing a presentation that could be boring. Ugh. Not good enough, Amber.

Recently, I attended the an event in Texas where I had a wonderful opportunity to meet John Geraci and Madelyn Geyer. I thoroughly enjoyed John’s presentation about the power of storytelling and it started me thinking about my upcoming one. In addition, I am carefully working my way through The Art of the Nudge and I can’t say enough great things about what they are doing over at CISquared, but will save more of that for another post.

All of this has me thinking about how I’m a techie at heart. Data structures, process flows, technology capabilities- they make my socks go up and down. And, at the same time, I love working with people. I believe technology needs to be more approachable somehow. It should feel more like wearing a comfortable pair of slippers sitting in front of a warm fireplace snuggled up under a blanket with a cup of cocoa as it snows outside. For many though, it feels like a wet blanket inside a drafty room with a closed off chimney as we squint to read by candlelight. “Slippers? I’m lucky if I can find socks without holes in them. I’m freezing to death over here.”

Inspired by last week’s conference, I renewed my focus to consider the story of payments. What is the story line that I follow in my head on each implementation? How do I help the audience not get lost in SAP screens and industry standards? How do I help them find the unifying theme?

Finally, I struck gold! It all came together. I’m afraid I can’t give it all away yet. So, we’ll get into why it is supposed to be people, process, THEN technology instead of technology to solve a process with maybe some business people involved at the very end. I’ll continue to blend together strategy with practical implementation insights to make it feel more like those slippers we all want. But the payments party is BYOC (Bring Your Own Cocoa).


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