I’m aiming for spaghetti

The phrase, “You don’t have to climb the entire staircase, you just have to take the first step” keeps echoing in my head long after I finished listening to my recent podcast.

I’m reminded of this stepwise approach as I spend time preparing a workshop for an upcoming conference. I’m slowly, steadily carving out time each week to work on the recipe. It’s a long journey to sift through that many years of information in my brain. It’s also incredibly fun to create the training I wish I had all those years ago when I started. And while I’ve designed many project-specific instruction sessions for my corporate clients over the years, it’s a pleasure to create a workshop for a broader audience.

My many years of blending business, IT, and banking technologies are being rolled into this workshop. This will allow us to really explore the ingredients necessary for success in Automating the Complete Payment Cycle. I have to say it – there is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL SOLUTION.

It’s really easy to pretend there is one set of stock answers.  And, yes, there are guiding principles that can be used and questions to answer to guide the solutions. But, in practicality, the solutions depend upon industry, internal technology capabilities, partner technologies, and many other factors.

In the session, I will take the opportunity to explore all those ingredients and help attendees understand the choices they are making. It will allow you to know what is in your spaghetti and why it is there. It will be spaghetti in all its messy glory!

By taking one step at a time on this process, it is also allowing me to create a series of e-books (coming soon). On that note, I head back to working on the pasta workshop. Spaghetti – you will be mine, and you will be beautiful!

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