Making payments dance- now available!

Where do you get advanced knowledge to solve very specific configuration/process questions in your SAP system?  For many of us, it is SCN or just the Google Search Bar.  This yields an incredible variety of results.  Locating advanced topics and solutions can feel like this:


As solutions get more and more complex, it is increasingly difficult to find really specific information.  Hours and hours are often wasted sifting through looking for that one little idea that could really make a difference on the problem you are trying to solve.  Buying entire books on a topic that likely won’t even address our problem isn’t a great answer either.  Often many give up and just customize their solution.  Quit feigning innocence, we all do it.

The world of payments and integrations has many complexities, with solutions often being a combination of the technology and requirements of your banking partner along with what is necessary in your SAP system.  Implementing payments in over 40 countries, I’ve seen all kinds of tricky scenarios, and what may seem like oddball requirements.  Black and white scenarios often don’t exist.

Digging back through my notes, here’s an example: What do you do if you need no decimals on your payments, but the company code currency was set up to allow decimals and you have invoices with decimals?  What do you do when “Oops” and “guess you have a problem” isn’t a good technical solution?  Looking back through my treasure trove of over 13 years of implementations, there are lots of these little nuances.

I’m starting an experiment, and time will tell if it is worthwhile. I’m going back to the well and writing about these topics, with the blend of both SAP and banking requirements.  I don’t pretend to know every single thing about every country and every payment type- it is just my perspective on them as someone that helps companies implement them and how I do it.  I tell people I like to make SAP dance.  And we know the best solutions dance- they scale, can be supported, and are reliable.

I am starting a new series of ebooks, currently available on Amazon.  The first one is entitled Making payments dance: currency rounding in Payment Medium Workbench in SAP. I plan to release others on these more narrow focused topics.  I am NOT trying to appeal to a mass audience here, so you will see this ebooks reasonably short and something you can read and understand in less than an hour.

If you are interested in the topic- head over to Amazon to check it out.  And if you know others that are interested, I would be incredibly grateful if you like or share this post.

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