Intentional serendipity

Somewhere along the way, life hit the fast forward button.  Or at least the last 6 months have felt that way.  Leading up to a recent block of conferences,  I hit the scheduling wall. The thought of scheduling one more meeting during the conference left me feeling mutinous.

Normally, most conferences I am over-scheduled. You’ve been there right? Frantically running around trying to cram in as much as possible. For many of us introverts, by that flight home, exhaustion is complete and the thought of conversation is incomprehensible for days after.

This year I decided to try an experiment.  I did have several meetings scheduled in advance, but decided to allow for more serendipity. In my mind, it was intentional serendipity. I left blocks of time open simply to walk the gigantic show floor and just see what happened.  Connect with new people, or catch up with friends I didn’t know would be attending. The strategy was to just be completely present and take it one step at a time.

The end result?  With seriously sore feet and many wonderful conversations later, I can say it was the most fun I have had at this show in years!  Truth be told, probably one of the most productive as well. I had opportunities for a number of impromptu meetings with others that also had no idea I would be there either.  It was a chance to breathe, spend time with people and really be there. I was not thinking about when my next appointment was, or how I had to cut short a conversation.  Just be fully present.  How many of us can say in our frantic lives we are just there, fully there for the conversation?  What might happen if we were?

Have you thought of where you could use a little more intentional serendipity?  I myself am taking a break from the conference circuit for a few months. You’ll see me emerge again this fall with some exciting new things coming.  I’ll still be doing webinars this summer, but am in full skunk works mode on a few new things I’m not quite ready to share.  In the mean-time, I’m giving myself more time for serendipity.  How about you?

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