Is HANA always the answer?

Do you need to upgrade to the “Latest and Greatest” version of SAP to realize business benefits? I would argue “no” but first, some context. Over the last few years, there has been a steady of drumbeat of HANA, HANA, HANA as the migration to S4 begins in earnest for many companies.  Is it part of my world in current implementations?  Sure, in some of them.

But what about the rest of us- those that have HANA in their roadmap, but are looking for opportunities in between now and those upcoming projects?  Are there any opportunities for us?

With only so much shelf space at conferences, its natural HANA is covered by a percentage of the space.  I’ve had many customers tell me they’ve felt a bit like an island.  In their heads goes something like this:

I’m not the cool kid on the block as I’m not starting these projects. Yet I know there should be other things to focus on in the interim- but how do I find them?  With so much conference material devoted to HANA these days, where can I find other topics?

I’ve started a series of monthly webinars to do my part to fill that void.  This month I am proud to have Hau Ngo join me to talk about Supply Chain Analytics.  We’re pairing up my background functional and process knowledge with Hau’s strategic and practical implementation experiences in building analytics.

Want to hear from some real life consultants working with companies to tackle these topics?  Join Hau and Thursday, March 30th at 1 p.m. CST for a Live only webinar as we undertake Arm wrestling DPO- supply chain metrics that matter using SAP data

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