Ready to master bank data?

If you’re thinking about issuing a banking RFP for payment services this year or simply automate your interfaces to your existing partners, then this free webinar is for you.

I’ve implemented SAP payment interfaces with banks in over 40 countries. I understand the global challenges implementing payment solutions, and why few implementations ever look alike.

In the Mastering Bank Data webinar, I will review:

  • Key challenges when preparing for payment automation
  • Why addressing SAP bank master is so critical now
  • How projects can go astray without good governance processes in place
  • Good governance process design for bank master

Good master data governance processes are a key building block for payment automation. I will share real stories to illustrate how projects can go astray without these processes in place and practical steps to take for prevention.

Register today for my free webinar on February 16th, 2017 at 1 pm CST. Make sure to mark your calendar – this is a live only webinar with no recording. Bring your best questions and ask me live.   Attendees of the webinar will also receive a free copy of my Mastering bank data whitepaper with key questions to ask regarding your bank master data projects.

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