TATC Ep 15 – RiteTime, with Bruce Hagberg

Episode Summary On today’s episode of Thriving at the Crossroads, we have Bruce Hagberg to talk about innovating time with one of their products at riteSOFT, riteTIME. We discuss what problem it is that they're trying to solve and who has those problems. We also go over the whole concept of what gets measured gets done, and that's precisely [...]

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A Culture of Growth

People are looking for new ideas.  Metropolitan areas want to create jobs and stimulate growth; companies are looking for new sources of profit and value; and individuals are taking matters into their own hands by starting their own businesses.  Quickly scanning the search results on Google for innovation, I found numerous examples of people that [...]

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TATC Ep 14 – Questions To Spark Innovation

Episode Summary On today’s episode of Thriving at the Crossroads, we have a couple of mini interviews to find out what is it that you should ask to ask yourself, or others, to spark innovation? Scott Jancy and Paul Modderman share what question they ask, and I also share mine at the end. Spark creativity and innovation [...]

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Ready to master bank data?

If you’re thinking about issuing a banking RFP for payment services this year or simply automate your interfaces to your existing partners, then this free webinar is for you. I’ve implemented SAP payment interfaces with banks in over 40 countries. I understand the global challenges implementing payment solutions, and why few implementations ever look alike. [...]

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TATC Ep 13- May the CashForce Be With You, with Nicolas Christiaen

Episode Summary On today’s episode of Thriving at the Crossroads, I introduce Nicolas Christiaen, one of the co-founders of CashForce. CashForce is a software that provides cash flow management and forecasting insights, typically for businesses generating between $100 million and about $10 billion in revenues. We talk about the importance of working capital, how CashForce actually [...]

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