How I’ll help you innovate in 2017

“Technology is an agent of empowerment, not an antagonistic nuisance that must be adopted just because everyone else is doing it, with no real merit of itself.” Simona Pop, InstaSupply: In Business Relationships, It’s All About H2H (Human to Human)

As a pragmatic learner, Simona’s comments resonate with me.  I’ve never been someone who can wax and wane theoretical without first being grounded in reality.  I’m not sure if that is a strength or a weakness.  Nor am I sure it matters if it is a strength or a weakness, it is just my reality.  So where will Thriving at the Crossroads go as 2017 begins?  As a continuous learner, I want my podcast to be valuable to my listeners, and strive to make improvements as I learn. I want to continue to focus on innovation, creativity and new solutions for entrenched problems.  I would like to do more to help my listeners take away key concepts from these innovative companies and more ideas on practical innovations.

Expand and lengthen the learning process 

How do we better engage our brains in content?  We Take in Information Better When It’s Visual– “The brain uses 50% of its resources on vision.” Check out the Crew blog post for other interesting facts in how our brains learn.

I’ve always been a visual learner- as are many others. In order to make information from podcasts more accessible for other visual learners, I will be adding more infographic summaries of lessons learned to help retain key points from episodes.

“Time and time again, famous creatives mention putting in the work as being the key to creative success. In fact, in a study done by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, 143 creativity researchers agreed that the #1 trait underpinning creative success is resilience and perseverance.” Demystifying the muse: 5 creativity myths you need to stop believing

In other words, just keep showing up and putting in the work and the creativity will come. So how can I apply that to the podcast? I focused initial efforts on recording interviews only, with occasional blog posts. For me, learning the podcasting process itself was very challenging. Like a small child, I had to first learn to crawl, then walk before even considering running. Now it’s time to add more aspects to the podcasts to reinforce the lessons learned. I will be adding more long form blog posts to the podcast to summarize episodes and distill the key content into text. This will give my listeners something to go back to for interview details or key concepts as well as encourage more audience engagement. I’ll also be including these long form posts in the email subscription for the podcast, so subscribe at  to get these right to your inbox.

I’m accepting guest blog posts from other writers on the podcast or related topics. I want to help other aspiring writers- so drop me a line if you are interesting in guest posting.

Having infographics, long form posts, guest posts, as well as the recorded podcast will let me utilize a number of different mediums for learning. Who knows, maybe you will even see a few video episodes this year!

Format changes to Thriving at the Crossroads

Interview versus introspective episodes- the 9th episode of the podcast was the first introspective episode I did. It was called “5 behaviors to be more innovative in 2017”,

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I thought this episode would be a total dud. A complete bomb.  t was just a recap and my thoughts on what I had learned. No one is listening to the episodes at the end of the year, right? Oops. It was the most popular episode of the podcast to date. My face looked a little like this:

I didn’t realize the introspective episodes could be just as valuable at the interviews. This episode could not have existed without the previous 8 interviews as it was based on those interviews. Based on the tremendous feedback I have received on this episode, I will be adding more introspective episodes that focus on concepts and lessons learned from guests. I want to use these episodes to encourage and inspire my listeners to continue growing and reinforcing concepts heard from my guests.

Industry articles will move into these introspective episodes. This lets me weave in concepts I find interesting from multiple articles into the key lessons I want to reflect upon. As always, as listeners you can send on articles you like or think might be valuable to other listeners.

I’m not stopping interviews, as they are the core of the podcast. I will be revisiting some of the companies we have already met to hear about their latest developments, as well as interviewing new companies. I’ve also got a wider variety of industries and technologies lined up for this year. I’ll be starting to explore robotic process automation and IOT, among other areas.

That’s what’s in store for the first half of 2017. I hope you will enjoy the show changes. Please share with friends or colleagues that are also curious and interested in continuous learning. Most of all, thank you for being a part of the Thriving at the Crossroads Tribe!

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