The rain for your content drought

by Amber Christian – full story found here

… I had no idea various journal editors would be watching my geeky little blog posts. And one-by-one they started contacting me, asking me to write for their journals or to guest blog for them. Me? Seriously? It was that fledgling step I took writing those first posts that gave these editors confidence I could write more original material…

Starting in 2017, I am welcoming guest bloggers to reach out to me if you would like to write about one of my Thriving at the Crossroads podcast episodes. I have an outline of how the process will work and what I am looking for that I will share with those interested. No content drought here!caffeine

If you think 2017 is finally the year you would like to tackle writing, or you want to purposefully plan to write more content in 2017- send me a direct message on LinkedIn or an email and we can talk further. I’d be honored to pay it forward to help others get started. Remember, you never know who might be watching and what doors it could open for you!

(Please take a moment to read the full post or forward this opportunity to someone you know who needs a little extra nudge to start writing.)

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