Adopt these 5 behaviors to be more innovative in 2017

Fresh beginnings. New ideas. Fuel the innovation engine. In October, I started the Thriving at the Crossroads podcast.  From an outsiders viewpoint, let's face it - ERP is not the most glamorous job out there in IT.  When I tell people I work on ERP, often the question is "why?" On the surface, other areas [...]

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TATC-EP9 Adopt these 5 behaviors to be more innovative in 2017

Welcome to Thriving at the Crossroads Episode 9.  In the final episode of 2016, I reflect on lessons learned from the first 8 podcast guests on the show.  If you are reflecting on your 2016, and thinking about how to be more innovative in 2017, I share 5 behaviors for you to consider as [...]

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Charity talk with John D. Scott, Elire

You work for Elire, a company with a mission to "...deliver success by efficiently implementing, integrating and upgrading your software investments in the following practices: Strategic Corporate Finance, Human Capital Management, Advanced Technology and Business Intelligence." Yet, I hear that it also places a high priority on non-profit support. Tell us about the charity project(s) [...]

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TATC Ep 8- Gain A Clearer View Toward Cross Process Optimization With Clear Software

Episode Summary On today's episode of Thriving at the Crossroads, I introduce Jon Gilman, Founder and CEO of Clear Software. Clear builds software to utilize on top of your existing systems to improve productivity 5X over current software.  It's time to re-imagine your user interfaces, and Clear has a great way to do this. More details [...]

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The rain for your content drought

by Amber Christian - full story found here ... I had no idea various journal editors would be watching my geeky little blog posts. And one-by-one they started contacting me, asking me to write for their journals or to guest blog for them. Me? Seriously? It was that fledgling step I took writing those first posts that gave [...]

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TATC Ep 7- Proactive Procurement Processing with InstaSupply

On today's episode of Thriving at the Crossroads, I introduce Simona Pop, Head of Partnerships & Global Communication at InstaSupply. InstaSupply digitizes procurement, leading to proactive procurement processes. More details on InstaSupply can be found here: In the second segment of the show- I will cover the non-technical guide to machine learning and artificial intelligence: [...]

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