Thriving at the Crossroads- an Introduction

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Welcome to Episode 000.  Listen to this episode to hear about the podcast and how interviews will marry the start-up world of technology with the enterprise world.
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Thriving at the Crossroads – an Introduction

Welcome to Thriving at the Crossroads, where real business problems meet real solutions. This is episode zero. I’m your host, Amber Christian. I’ve spent most of my career implementing ERP systems for large corporations. In the last few years, I’ve got much more involved in the startup world, which has given me a completely different perspective. I started noticing a trend in the startup world. Friends of mine would introduce me as, “Hey, here’s Amber and she works on SAP.” Usually, their eyes would get really large and it would be as if they thought, “Wow, they exist in the wild!” I have come to learn that the startup community, where things are very dynamic and fast paced, is wildly different than the corporate established large scale system community. In a lot of cases, the two don’t really intermix as much as they should.

I’ve also noticed a trend. In talking with clients and customers and people I’m working with, they’ll often pull me to the side and say, “Hey, Amber, what do you know about working with XYZ company? Are they a nightmare to integrate to SAP?” We aren’t having enough of these conversations about innovative technologies and how well they integrate into our existing systems. I want to change the conversation. I’ve created Thriving at the Crossroads in order to change that conversation.

In this podcast, you’ll get a sneak peak at my conversation with startups where I really seek to understand what do they really do, in human English, not a bunch of jargon or technology speak, but something the average person can understand. I’ll also talk with them about the business problems they solve, how large the problems are, who has those problems? As well as understand where they’re at in their install base for customers. Because the last thing corporates want is to go to integrate with a startup company and find out they were the first ones and they didn’t know it.

I think this podcast is a way for me to expand the conversation into one about innovation and things that will drive us all to be better. Yet the practical reality of the established ERP systems, let’s face it, they’re not going anywhere. We, as organizations, need to know, how do we innovate, considering the existing landscapes? How do we best take advantage of that that we already have as an organization? You get to be a fly on the wall as I sit down with startups and have these conversations.

I’m also going to have a second segment on the show that’s really going to be focused on some type of industry article that I think you’ll find interesting and that you should read. Stay tuned for those, there will be a variety of interesting articles that I will talk about.

This is Thriving at the Crossroads. My way to serve as a bridge between the startup and the innovative, fast-paced communities, as well as the corporates that want these innovative solutions. I hope you’ll join me.


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