How much do you innovate?

Something’s missing. It’s been a disquieting feeling I have had for the last several months. I took a puzzle-missing-piececouple months off between projects to reflect, write and re-energize. And during the quieter summer period, I began to become a little uneasy. I love my day-to-day consulting work and plan to grow that business. I’ve continued writing, with more and more editors interested in my perspectives and practical advice. It’s extremely rewarding to share this after so many years in the trenches. But something is niggling at me.

I’ve attended and presented at many conferences this year. I love meeting new people and have an innate curiosity to learn new things. But, I started noticing something this year; often at conferences, new or existing friends would pull me to the side for a conversation. Like thieves in the night, we would sneak off to some private corner for a rendezvous. And then it would begin. “Hey, what do you know about XYZ company? We are looking at using them to (fill in the blank).” And then with fear in their eyes, they would say “Is it a nightmare to integrate into SAP? Has anyone integrated it successfully?”

Some might laugh. But after 15 years in this industry, I feel nothing but compassion  Been there, done that, bore the scars. I completely get it. So does anyone else that has been there.

On the flip side, after working with different start-ups, I’ve often had companies marvel that I “GET” what they do. And I can provide practical suggestions for improvements they can make for a corporate customer to more easily understand what they do.

During the quiet moments this summer, an idea was born. How do I let companies in on my conversations with these start-ups? How do I help companies that are curious about innovative start-ups learn more about them in plain-human English? And do so without a bunch of technical jargon that makes their eyes glaze over while they desperately search for the nearest exit.

podcast-1And thus, Thriving at the Crossroads was born, where real business problems meet real solutions. I will be launching a podcast at the end of October 2016. In this podcast, you will get to listen in on my conversations with start-ups and others that are out there innovating. You get to be the fly on the wall while we talk about business problems and innovative companies that help solve them.

So I hope you’ll join me and listen to Thriving at the Crossroads.

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