No budget for training, no problem. Viva La Procurement Revolution!

It’s just the way things are.  Don’t fight City hall.  Let sleeping dogs lie.  Don’t make waves.

Many of us are told to simply keep our heads down.  We are told maintain the status quo, no matter how antiquated it is, or how much it may frustrate us, or how much we are falling behind the competition.  We long to make changes, but can sometimes feel so isolated that we aren’t sure we are brave enough for the task at hand. How do we find the case studies and the people doing things differently?

We are watching a world that is rapidly changing around us.  New regulations providing new compliance challenges. New business models disrupting our core businesses.  Changing consumer patterns.  Globalization creating new risks and opportunities.  The rise of the freelance economy and changing employment patterns.  Against this resounding, non-stop drumbeat of change, it’s easy to retreat.  Go back to our little corner and just try to survive the day/week/month/year.

A few months back, I gained an interesting Twitter follower.  The handle was Art of Procurement @aopshow.  What a cool handle I thought to myself.  I wonder what that is?  Art and Procurement in the same sentence?  Let’s face it, as someone on the other side of services (selling them), the two words sadly didn’t always fit in the same sentence.  From the stories I hear from colleagues in other companies, it is a similar experience.  Nod your head if you know what I mean.

On a complete whim, I signed myself up to be a podcast guest on Art of Procurement as part of Philip Ideson’s show.  As a Treasury/Finance person, I expected to be completely ignored.  I didn’t fit the status quo of the normal guest, and I work in IT!  Yet his response surprised me.  I found someone that wanted to expand the conversation, and was excited to talk about how to improve relationships between Procurement and Finance.

Over time, I also met Kelly Barner from Buyers Meeting Point.  I found a recurring theme and willingness to have different conversations- and input from different perspectives is welcome! After talking with Kelly, I decided it was time to become a revolutionary.  So join me as I speak on…….  No wait, that would ruin all the fun! If you want to hear what I will talk about as part of the Procurement Revolution, then its time to register.

Registration for the Procurement Revolution is still open and best of all is completely free!  No begging for budget, no frozen T&E expense problems, and no big sponsors. Over 30 leading procurement industry professionals (plus an adopted Finance/Treasury IT person) giving their time to expand the conversation.

My only question is- are you ready to challenge the status quo?

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