5 Ways to Break Down Operational and Strategic Silos

Organizations looking for leverage working capital must eliminate operational and strategic silos for the best chance of success.  Read our article for considerations on how to eliminate silos. Read more

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How Big Data Analytics is Transforming Cash Flow Forecasting

Guest Blog by Gauthier Vasseur, Trufa Many functions of enterprise rely on cash flow forecasting. It is the life-blood of businesses, big or small. For managers, cash flow forecasting enables them to confidently fund projects or obtain new financing. In foreign exchange roles, it is important to know the volumes of incoming and outgoing currencies [...]

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Ace interview: Paul Modderman, Director of ERP Integration at Clear Software

Paul Modderman Director of ERP Integration ClearSoftware.com Congratulations on your recent appointment as the Director of ERP Integration at Clear Software. Your company has created software that consolidates the entire ERP process into a single screen. How does this new position fit into your experience in product development? Product development is the perfect role for [...]

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Payables Management = Toothache?

Payables management within many organizations is viewed with the same enthusiasm as a toothache. It may be dull or throbbing a bit, but nothing worth investing too much time. Only when the pain gets severe do we schedule that visit to the dentist. And by then, it’s become an emergency. Lost discounts, early supplier payments, [...]

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DYK: Passwords for Chocolate

We all know we should do it. But, we don’t. Personally, it’s an exercise in frustration that makes me think I have early-onset alzheimer’s…   But, it’s probably past time to change your passwords.   For such a simple concept that can literally save you/your company time, money and your identity why is it that [...]

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Headlining GTNews – What’s in your financial supply chain?

Finance has been given an opportunity to reconquer its supply chain. So what are we waiting for? Click here to see how descriptive analytics is an essential business tool that answers many basic questions and how predictive analytics builds from historical data to propose what might happen in the future, using statistics and algorithms. https://www.gtnews.com/articles/whats-in-your-financial-supply-chain/

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What’s in your financial supply chain?

First published on GTnews.com- Authors Amber Christian and Gauthier Vasseur As financial professionals, we hear regularly about how big data and analytics will change our world and that we must harness its power to transform our businesses. As finance functions, looking into new ways to analyse our business and optimise our processes, aren’t we [...]

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Treasury Optimization Webinar Series

Predictive analytics for Treasury, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable leads your team to fact-based opportunities, a potential for savings and the increased likelihood to accomplish goals. Attend ASUG's 3-part webinar series with Amber Christian, Founder | Ace LLC and Gauthier Vasseur, Stanford data instructor and Vice President Marketing | Trufa to find out what predictive [...]

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June webinar opportunities

Take a peek at these upcoming webinars in June 2016, included are a few series for your continuing education enjoyment:   Integrated Receivables for Corporations: Building the Case for Investment Tuesday, June 7, 2016 | 10:00 a.m. (CST) Corporations and financial institutions of all sizes have improved efficiency, maximized revenues, and strengthened customer relationships through [...]

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