Interview with Wally Vogel | Creditron

Wally Vogel President / CEO Creditron    You founded Creditron, a leading solution provider for mid-market remittance processing and receivables automation. But before that, you started your career in a technical capacity, moving on to sales, marketing, and administrative management roles… what was the drive to create Creditron? I started Creditron with a mission [...]

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Meet with Amber at #ASUG

Will you be attending the SAPPHIRENOW | ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando? Well, so is Amber! Take a moment to text: MeetAmber to 44222 and you two can set up a time to catch-up, have some coffee, make plans... you never know what will happen when you meet up with Amber! And did you know, [...]

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#ASUGSpeakers – Amber Christian | Ace, LLC

Don't forget to jump in to one (or all!) of Amber's #ASUGSpeaker sessions: FIN - SID# 4800-Data & Analytics for the Treasurer: Change the game in Working Capital Management Wednesday, May 18 , 11-noon in S320B With Bob Leonard, Gauthier Vasseur and Amber Christian Panel Discussion: The data revolution is impacting treasurers. What opportunities can [...]

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Top Payment Trends in 2016: How will they affect you?

You know you've heard about some of the latest trends in payments; but that's just noise and you've other day-to-day things to take care of while you are at work. Well, while you are away from the daily grind at SAPPHIRENOW | ASUG Annual Conference slip into this roundtable session. Arm yourself with the knowledge [...]

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Help! I’m new to SAP and I don’t know what I’m doing!

SAP Help! session information SAP Solutions are involved and can be confusing - attend this session if you are new to SAP Solutions so Chantal and I can give you a boost of confidence for when you head back to your office after the #ASUG Annual Conference. Even if you aren't new to SAP you [...]

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Predicitive Analytics 101 and the Windy City Summit

Did you miss Amber's highly informative post on: predictive anlaytics 101 for working capital optimization? Well, please click here to be in the know!  If you would like to hear more about this topic that can take the Magic 8 Ball from off your desktop, you should meet up with Amber and Trufa (booth # [...]

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Working Captial discussion panel – #ASUGSpeakers

So, I hear you plan to attend #ASUG2016 SAPPHIRENOW annual conference in Orlando. Then make time for this panel discussion on Wednesday, May 18 , 11-noon in S320B. We asked +Gauthier Vasseur, who is presenting with +Bob Leonard and +Amber Christian, to give us a preview of this discussion panel. Take a peek at what [...]

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