Interview: Jiming Wu, MSBA program California State University, East Bay

Analytics is a booming business, thanks to the rise in big data. And I see that Department of Management at California State University, East Bay is keeping up by establishing a Master of Science in Business Administration: Business Analytics (MSBA). What is the backstory in creating this program?

In Fall 2013, the ITM (information technology management) Group in cooperation with the Department of Management decided to fully revise the MSBA ITM Option, and reintroduce it as the MSBA Business Analytics Option (MSBA BA Option). Two department’s faculty, Drs. Jiming Wu and Chongqi Wu, in consultation with the ITM and OSCM (Operations/Supply Chain Management) groups, Department Chair, Associate Dean and Dean, have developed a revised curriculum of the MSBA BA Option. The curriculum revision was based on analyzing existing graduate programs in Big Data and Business Analytics, identifying market demand for the revised options, and extensive review and feedback of the proposed curriculum from internal and external reviewers.
What type of students should enroll in your program?
  • Professionals and students who are interested in a high quality, accredited Business Analytics program.
  • Professionals and students who want to pursue a career in business analytics, business intelligence, big data analytics and data science.
  • Professionals and students wanting to become managers who routinely analyze big data and make decisions based on their findings.
  • Professionals and students who have solid background in computer programming, mathematics and statistics.
I see there is an information session on May 17th, 2016 at 6-8 p.m. (Pacific) on the Hayward Campus; what will be happening at this session?
We will introduce this degree program to people who may have interest. We will talk about job market, courses offered, class schedule, tuition fees, application requirements and deadline, contact persons, etc…
What are future plans for the MSBA program?
Future plans are to:
  1. revise some courses to make the program more relevant to market needs
  2. offer multiple sections for each required course
  3. change it into a STEM degree program.
You have a very impressive list of publications that have appeared in MIS Quarterly, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, European Journal of Information Systems, Information & Management, Decision Support Systems, and dozens of other locations. What do you now have in the works?
I am now working on one research paper and have two other papers under review. The working paper is a meta-analysis that synthesizes past studies to investigate the determinants of using healthcare information systems.
One under-review paper is a literature review to re-interpret the procedures, issues, and techniques in meta-analysis in information systems field. The other under-review paper is to develop and empirically test a new theory–the theory of technology usage. The new theory suggests that need for information technology is the most salient determinant of system usage.
Is there anything else you would like us to know?
The MSBA program has so far been very successful. Each quarter, we receive many more applications than we expect.
What was the last book that you read?

It was Hadoop: The Definitive Guide, by Tom White.  It’s a textbook I am using — for the course  Big Data Technology and Applications — that has case studies which demonstrate how Apache Hadoop is used to solve specific problems.

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