Amber’s podcast; how to navigate leading technologies, SAP

We talk about:

How to plug into SAP ecosystem and stay up-to-date on their products and roadmaps Amber gives us a peak into the different levels of the America’s SAP User’s group, including a relatively unknown membership where you can beta-test new features and influence the direction of SAP’s products.
Working on the cutting edge Amber walks us through the challenges of being a first to implement a solution, the questions you should ask when adopting new technologies, and how she plans to make it easier for others in her industry when facing new and unexplored challenges.
What happens after your project ends? The common challenges and the tools that Amber is using to enable continuous improvement for her clients.
How to keep up with new technologies Amber shares valuable insight on how to provide value to your customers beyond having your hands on the keyboard and… what happens when you reach the limit of your expertise but still contribute immensely to your customers.
Amber and I had a lot of fun recording this session, and we hope you enjoy it.
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