Two Sides of the Treasury Coin

The Exchange asked the USA’s leading treasury and finance professionals what their biggest investment priorities are for the upcoming year and what they see as the biggest factors, both external and internal, effecting their role as Treasurer. Technology, banking, asset-management and consultancy solution provider were also asked what their thoughts were on the same issues [...]

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3 reasons to attend this Working Capital discussion

If you plan to attend #ASUG2016 SAPPHIRENOW annual conference in Orlando then make time for this panel discussion on Wednesday, May 18 , 11-noon in S320B. We asked +Bob Leonard, who is presenting with +Gauthier Vasseur and +Amber Christian, to give us a preview of this discussion panel: Why is this session topic exciting to [...]

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DYK: DPO, Days Payable Outstanding

Days payable outstanding (DPO) is an efficiency ratio that measures the average number of days a company takes to pay its suppliers. DPO is typically measured either quarterly or yearly; and can vary significantly from year to year, company to company and industry to industry based on how well or how poorly the company, the [...]

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Interview: Jiming Wu, MSBA program California State University, East Bay

Analytics is a booming business, thanks to the rise in big data. And I see that Department of Management at California State University, East Bay is keeping up by establishing a Master of Science in Business Administration: Business Analytics (MSBA). What is the backstory in creating this program? In Fall 2013, the ITM (information technology [...]

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Overcoming Language Requirements and Banking Regulation Challenges in Asia-Pacific and Latin America webinar

Did you miss Amber and Sarkis Akmakjian's (Senior Director, Product Management, Accuity Inc.) recent webinar? Well, here's your chance for ASUG members to listen. This webcast explores the regulatory challenges and banking standards in developing markets. Reviews executing complex transactions that require greater transparency and control and how to effectively maintain bank master data in [...]

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Amber’s podcast; how to navigate leading technologies, SAP

Click here for Amber's podcast with Hau Ngo We talk about: How to plug into SAP ecosystem and stay up-to-date on their products and roadmaps Amber gives us a peak into the different levels of the America’s SAP User’s group, including a relatively unknown membership where you can beta-test new features and influence the direction of [...]

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DYK: DIO, Days Inventory Outstanding

Days Inventory Outstanding (DIO) is a financial ratio for any company that has inventory. It shows how quickly the company, management, can turn inventories into cash or sales. Generally speaking, a decrease in DIO is an improvement to working capital. That is because this number indicates how long a company’s cash is tied up in [...]

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April 2016 treasury/finance webinars

Ace has compiled a list of seven webinars happening in April 2016. While these are not the only ones available, it is a starting point for your continuing education opportunities. Understanding and Applying SAP S/4HANA Business Use Cases Thursday, April 7, 2016 | 1:00 PM Central Sponsored by ASUG By now you know SAP S/4HANA [...]

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