Predictive analytics for working capital 101

Working capital is a hot topic among corporates, as companies seek to unlock billions of dollars of capital. Early working capital initiative typically include three common practices:   Shortening customer terms, or collecting overdue payments faster. Lengthening vendor terms to delay payments. Reductions in inventory to match declining sales. Initiating these types of changes often [...]

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Financials2016 – where can you find me?

Watch my recent video then click HERE for more information. Plan on visiting with me at the Trufa booth from 1-3 p.m. onTuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the conference.  I'll also be presenting "Demystifying the Payment Medium Workbench" on Wednesday from 4:45-6 p.m.  Where else will you be able to find me? Text: MeetAmber to [...]

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Is there an XML flavor of the day?

How do you, as a corporate, know that every bank won’t use a different flavor of XML for payments? It’s easy as a corporate to get caught in the standards trap. “Standards” such as EDI formats, had inherent differences that prevented full and similar adoption by all parties. How can you as a corporate know [...]

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DYK: Cash Optimization

This broad area of finance involves the collection, handling and usage of cash - and is part of the number one role of a treasury professional. Companies must maximize the treasury and payment operations of the organization as this is a key component in ensuring a company's financial stability and solvency.

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Interview with Jim Washam and Matthew Hill of Arkansas State University

  Dr. Matthew Hill, CTP, FP&A | Assistant Professor of Finance Jim Washam, PhD, CTP, FP&A | Associate Dean & Director of Undergraduate Programs College of Business at Arkansas State University It was announced earlier in 2015 that Arkansas State University’s College of Business has established a Center for Treasury Management. What is the [...]

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Why would you consider XML payments as part of your payments strategy?

Did you know that the planned Real Time Retail Payments Systems (RT-RPS) systems for Brazil, Poland, Sweden, Singapore, Denmark, Australia, and Japan will all use ISO 20022 XML standards? Other countries that have already adopted RT-RPS systems such as South Africa, China, and Switzerland also plan to adopt ISO 20022. Why are so many countries [...]

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Teaming up to provide rockstar research results

Ace has teamed up with The Strategic Treasury Exchange to conduct ground-breaking research so we may better understand the way Treasurers, CFOs, banks, asset managers and solution providers engage with each other. We invite top-level representatives (from each group) to participate in the survey so we may collate the results & report the insights. Data [...]

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