Intercompany Loans e-book Within the pages of this e-book, corporate treasury professionals will now be able to immerse themselves into the thought process behind intercompany loans. Click here to be notified of the upcoming release.

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Oh, no… are you the one?

Are you the one? Amber has noticed... maybe you should do something about it! Watch the video to find out more.

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DYK: Predictive Analytics

Amber has partnered with #Trufa, a company specializing in predictive analytics. She's created a whitepaper and a video giving a treasurers perspective on this whole new paradigm.

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Q & As with Ace – a rundown on our register

At Ace, we appreciate the talent of our colleagues in and out of our industry. I've spoken to some interesting people who have provided enlightening Q & A interviews for our monthly newsletter. I appreciate the time that they all have put forth so, please take a few moments to peruse the list of interviewees [...]

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Ace’s top 5 blog entries of 2015

Start 2016 off with great knowledge... Our top 5 blog posts of 2015 - aggregated from Linkedin, SCN.SAP, and our site. Be sure to follow us on our social sites so you don't miss out on any more posts that will make your knowledge biiiigerrrr! Because the more you read the bigger your knowledge [...]

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Amber partners with Trufa

A treasurer's secret weapon Click here to watch the video of Amber's take on a whole new paradigm: the one of big data analysis and predictive analytics.

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