Top 5 – DYKs on ConsultAce Blog, 2015

Did you know that we regularly put out Did You Know (DYK) infographics - little bits of information that will grow your knowledge? Well, if you didn't, now you know! And while we are taking a moment to assess our knowledge, we at Ace are also assessing our yearly content. And we thought that we'd [...]

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10 questions with Gauthier Vasseur

A great interview with an inspiring and funny man... Gauthier Vasseur Vice President of Marketinig | Trufa   You have an impressive resume that includes positions within large corporations, national keynote speaking opportunities, experience as a university professor and the ability to speak multiple languages… where do you find your inspiration? An honest answer? [...]

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#1 tip to drive incremental improvements in the SAP solution

Customer Connection is a SAP participation program that uses customer feedback to deliver enhanced SAP system improvements. These improvements found within Customer Connection are on very specific, focused topics that drive incremental improvements for SAP solutions. So, how do you know the results of the Customer Connection efforts by SAP? Where can you search to [...]

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November webinars 2015

Of all the things you will be thankful for this month, this might be one of the more convenient items… Continuing education time where you don’t need to leave the comfort of your office to attend. Here’s our monthly compilation of webinars.   If you haven’t yet signed up to follow Ace on our social [...]

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