October 2015 webinars

Could you use a trick to get your continuing education credits covered? If so, check out Ace's list of upcoming October 2015 webinar treats. Do you have any you'd like added? Comment below... How Intel Is Using Analytics to Grow its Use of Self Service BI - Hosted by the Analytics SIG. Tuesday, October 6, [...]

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Interview with Michael Jud, Vroozi

Michael Jud senior director, product evangelist Vroozi | Vroozi.com   Congratulations on your recent appointment at Vroozi, a company which connects customers and suppliers in a unified spending solution on a single platform. This coincides with an important inflection point for the company. Earlier this year, Spend Matters, the top worldwide publication in the procurement [...]

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Do you really want to use public Wi-Fi?

The expectation for more reliable, higher speed and ubiquitous Wi-Fi exploded when smartphones and smart devices hit the market. But, before you start using public Wi-Fi, ask yourself a simple question: Do you really want to use public Wi-Fi?   Wi-Fi hotspots allow you access to the Internet in locations outside of your home network [...]

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Are you ready for some Wi-Fi with your football?

Do you remember waiting for the dial-up internet to connect? How about the feeling you got when someone picked up the phone in another room while you were researching something online? Ugh!! We’ve come a long way, baby. Now internet is so convenient that we can access it practically anywhere. Additionally, Wi-Fi is generally expected [...]

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