How Automated Are Your Interfaces with Your Banking Partners?

Do you implement each type of payment as a separate interface and file layout? Do you wish there was an easier way? Attend this session on June 25, 2015 at 11:00 AM (CT) to learn more payment options already included in your SAP system. Attendees will learn the following: -How to design your payments processes [...]

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FICO changes the rules on credit scores

Engineer William Fair and mathematician Earl Isaac collaborated in 1956 on a project that has affected most Americans in significant ways throughout their adult lives. These two men are behind the software company currently known as FICO (Fair Isaac Company), which creates credit scores used nationwide. The FICO Score is a snapshot of consumers' credit [...]

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SAP Payment Layouts in 28 steps (or more!)

Our latest EduBlog includes an infographic we created that illustrates just how crazy it is to build payment files with the bank and how the typical payment implementation process with custom programs is implemented.

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If it weren’t for vacations, I’d have to work more

Ahh, yes. Summer. Officially the season doesn’t start until somewhere around June 21 each year, but when the temperatures start rising and Memorial Day (or eek, Labor Day!) has passed you by, it’s definitely time to think about taking some time off from work if you haven't already... But, about half of the working population [...]

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3 steps to update a bank statement status

Use this quick tip to troubleshoot bank statement status updates. Read more

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